Hair Removal Causes and Remedies. How to fix hair fall

How to fix hair fall.

Hair is an important part of our body. What we look like, our look depends on all this hair.

1. How to diagnose your hair temporary

Hold your hair forward and look at how many hairs break in your hand. If you have 5 to 6 hair in your hand then your hair is in danger and if you have only 1,2 hair in your hand. You do not need to take tension. you are fine 👍🏻

Hair fall
2. Due to hair thinness: -

  • Nutrition, do not take the right diet. The only reason for every problem in our body is our nutrition.
  • 2.1 Nutrition:-

    • There should be no shortage of iron in your diet. Due to the lack of iron, the hair starts to fall and also becomes thin.

    • Diet of iron:-

    • Non-veg - Chicken, meat, fish or egg
      Veg - broccoli, gobhi
    2.2  Protein essential nutrient:-
    • Protein essential nutrient for your hair

    • Even if your diet lacks protein, you will also lose hair because the amino acid is very important for your hair. For the strength of hair for the strength of your hair.

    • See only at the end of the quote: - When he pulled his hair and the hair was broken. Because your hair does not strengthen, amino acid strengthens that hair. And amino acids form protein itself. For amino acid, you should have chicken, fish and egg white, cheese, soya, tofu, beans, nuts, milk, curd, and whey protein.

    3. Vitamin C

    Everyone knows Vitamin C boosts the immunity system. But it is very important for hair because Vitamin C is helpful in absorbing iron.

    Iron - Mineral

    Vitamine C - vitamine

    So, Vitamine C helps to absorb Iron.

    3.1 Important

    If you are taking an iron-rich diet and there is a shortage of vitamin C then iron will not absorb, so you have to keep a good diet of both minerals and vitamins.

    Citric acid food, tomatoes, potatoes, bell papers (high in vitamin C)

    4. Omega 3

    Omega 3 is very important for our scalp and brain.

    Omega 3 When there is a dry itchy scalp, then we lack the omega 3. Problems with omega-3 deficiency: - dry scalp, dry itchy scalp, weak scalp, you need omega-rich foods on it.
    Omega is inside 3 fish, seeds (flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds) nuts, walnuts or all dry foods.

    5. Biotin

    • People think my hair is broken, there is a lack of biotin in me. But people do not know that biotin is Vitamine B. And there is often a lack of biotin in our nutrition.

    • Biotin foods - Meat, egg whites and walnuts (nuts) These biotins kept in their diet keep our hair healthy.

    6. Scalp massage

    • We should have scalp massage twice a week or 1 time in order to keep our hair strong and healthy. Having scalp massage will keep our blood circulation in good shape and reach our hair through our nutrient blood circulation.

    • Oil
    Oil, you can use - Avocado oil, coconut oil, massage with Almond oil.

    7. Important notes

    7.1 Wash products before Bed
    • If you put hair products in your hair, then make sure that you should sleep only after washing your hair. Those products should not be kept in your hair, whether it is gel, hair paste, spray or hair products

    • When you use a hair dryer, keep in mind that the air from the dryer will not be too hot.

    • If you use a straightener, whose hair is long and uses a straightener, the life of hair starts diminishing with the warm air of the dryer and straightener. The hot air is not good for hair.

    • Do not wash hair every day, often people wash their hair every day, which does not reach natural oil.

    • You have to ignore artificial sweeteners like Pepsi, coke or soda soft drinks.

    • Avoid Aspartame is a kind of artificial sugar, it is used in many supplements.

    • If you are taking drugs or steroids, then stop it, a cookie will end your hair.

    • Healthy nutrition is kept because the cause of problems in the body is the lack of nutrition, if you are losing your hair today, then it is a lack of nutrition.            

    Thank you

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